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Lagos mediation centre averts clash between community, Ikeja Disco officials

The proactive intervention by Lagos State Citizens Mediation Centre (CMC) on monday averted the brewing tension between officials of the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Centre (IKEDC) and residents of Lasori-Abuja- Ifelodun Estate Community in Ikorodu area of the state.

The community had earlier petitioned the CMC, a directorate of the state Ministry of Justice, requesting for an immediate intervention over an outrageous estimated billing by IKEDC to residents of the community.

“It  is  very  clear  from  the  foregoing  that  IKEDC  comes  up  with  arbitrary  figures based  on  guess  work,” the community said.

“The  trends  of  those  billings  are  very  frightening  ranging from  ₦12,000.00  –  ₦86,000.00  especially  in  the  month  of  March  and  April  2020 and when  it  became  clear  to  us  that  this  people  are  not  ready  to stop the outrageous billing and  implement  the  NERC regulations,  we  wrote  series  of  letters  to  them  expressing  our  grievances.  

“We asked  them  to  either  meter  us  or  revert  to  NERC  billings . We  were ready  to  dialogue  with  them;  all  our  overtures  to  them  have  been  embarrassingly rebuffed.  Up  till  the  time  of  writing  of  this  petition  we  have  never  heard  from them.”

The petition further reads ” On the  2nd  of  June  2020,  some  IKEDC  officials/operators  led  by  one  Mr.  Abu invaded  our  communities  with  police  escorts  to  disconnect  power  from  our transformers  claiming  they  have  the  NERC  approval.  Since  then,  we  have  been plunged  into  utter  darkness.  As  a  result  of  this,  hordes  of  small  scale  enterprises have either closed down or recording losses”

According to the Chairman, Lasori-Abuja-Ifedapo Estate Association, Ayodele Femi, the community had written to the IKEDC asking for the supply of prepaid metres to contain the billing which the community views as a corporate attempt to rip its residents off financially.

He added that the letter written to the IKEDC dated 2nd of June 2020 was ignored by the company instead disconnected  power supply of the community  from transformers.

While responding to the dispute, Director Citizen Mediation Centre, Mrs. Biola Oseni said that the centre invited the two parties, Lasori/Ifedapo Estate and officials from IKEDC for an amicable settlement.

She added, the centre resolved that the IKEDC should stop estimated billings, provide the community with prepaid meters and also restore back power supply to the community.

The Director noted that the centre was able to resolve the matter  amicably without charges.

Lagos mediation centre averts clash between community, Ikeja Disco officials
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