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MOJ Mentorship Programme

As part of our commitment towards enhancing capacities of young lawyers, the Ministry of Justice launched its Mentorship Programme, with 75 young State Counsel matched to Senior Lawyers.

The Mentorship Programme which spans for 12 months will provide a great opportunity for State Counsel (Mentees) to connect with a Mentor who can inspire, advice and support the Mentees to build their career, enhance their leadership skills and in turn become excellent legal professionals.

Our Mentors have been selected based on their depth of knowledge, sterling character and the impactful leadership capabilities attained in their field of work over the years.

I therefore seize this opportunity to thank all our Mentors for partnering with the Ministry of Justice and we are excited to see the mentorship outcomes which will evolve from this initiative.

All the best to our Mentees!

MOJ Mentorship Programme
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