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Lagos AG & PT Restates Commitment of Ensuring Justice For Lagos Residents

The Administrator-General and Public Trustee, Lagos State, Mrs. Omotola Rotimi has restated the commitment of her office towards ensuring that Lagos residents  through the Office of the Administrator-General and Public Trustee (AG&PT) gets justice.

Mrs. Rotimi gave this charge on Friday, during the broadcast of an interview  with the crew of  “City of Lagos TV Show” noting that the vision of the agency is to have an office that is efficient,reliable and trustworthy towards the actualization of the public trustee of choice in Nigeria and beyond .

Speaking on the major functions her office,she said that the AG&PT is a sole corporate, meaning it is a legal entity that can sue and be sued.

“The major functions of the Office are actually to administer and manage the estates of the deceased, especially when the deceased dies intestate (without making a Will).

However, that does not rule out those that died testate (leaving a Will) ,because the Office also represents and defends estates in court matters where the Office has been included as a party or where the court asks the Office to be a party”. She stated.

Mrs Rotimi stressed that  the Office also administer equitable sharing and partitioning of estates of deceased persons; obtaining Letters of Administrations (L. As) in cases where a deceased died intestate and the family needs to access funds in the bank, (for instance as receiver in the administration of estates to ensure the recovery of all estates that belong to the deceased person(s) and also settle justified claims, i.e., if a deceased person is owing)

The Administrator General further  clarified that in situations where a deceased person has properties in other States and countries, the Office ensures the resealing of L.As, hence, there is no need to obtain new L.As in such places .In addition, the Office also ensure  payment of death benefits to civil/public servants who died in active service. 

Speaking on the success rate and achievements of the agency, the AG&PT noted that the Office has about 10,000 cases under its management, out of which 5,000 was successfully completed last year.

According to her, “The public response to the services of the AG&PT has been impressive because they are aware that the agency is the Sole Office that has been empowered to manage the estates of deceased people in the State”

She averred that majorly of the people who visit the Office are less privileged and vulnerable because they cannot afford the services of private lawyers. There are cases of underaged writing petitions to the Office to intervene in their matters as well, and the Office steps in to act as guidance to them”. She said.

Mrs. Rotimi also revealed that in the year 2021, the Office achieved a  great revenue generation performance, moved from the Ministry of Justice building in Alausa to a larger and befitting office space to ensure diligent delivery of services to the residents of the State; managed and administered estates professionally; and obtained L.As for beneficiaries to quickly access funds to either ensure the burial of their deceased persons or get them economically empowered.

While appreciating Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for ensuring the delivery of seamless judicial services to all Lagos residents irrespective of status, class or creed through the blueprints of the T.H.E.M.E.S agenda, Mrs. Rotimi averred that the year 2022 would witness massive grassroot public awareness and sensitization programmes by the Office; sustenance of the collaboration with other agencies and institutions like the Probate Registry in the Lagos State High Court, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Domestic and Sexual Violence Unit and the Police; ensuring that estates are properly managed to reflect market value and suitable for human habitation; and lastly surpassing last year’s revenue generation performance.

Recall that the AG&PT had recently embarked on a similar familiarization and sensitization visit to Radio Lagos/Eko FM, where she featured on a programme known as “JoliJoli” to further enlighten and sensitized residents of the State on the activities, achievements and mandates of the Office.

Lagos AG & PT Restates Commitment of Ensuring Justice For Lagos Residents
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