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Lagos CMC Advocates For Peaceful Co-Existence In The State

 … Commemorates the International Day of Living together In Peace

The Lagos State Citizens’ Mediation Centre has called for peaceful co-existence among residents, charging them to embrace amicable resolution of disputes through mediation.

Mrs Biola Oseni,Director,CMC made the plea on Wednesday during an interview in a radio programme  tagged “Oju Taiye” at Radio Lagos 107.5 FM, where she featured as an invited guest to discuss how to explore Alternative Dispute Resolution platforms to restore peace in the State and the Country at large.

Oseni urged residents to learn how to develop a mutual understanding and eschew rancor for peace to reign, adding that living together in peace can only be achieved when everyone is ready to forgive and bury the hatchet.

“We don’t have to speak the same language or come from the same background before embracing peace, it is important we live together as one for the country to move forward”, she added.

In her words, “We acknowledge that misunderstanding is inevitable in our society but when it occurs, there are Citizens’ Mediation Centres established by the State government to handle matters arising and provide a lasting resolution without difficulties and free of charge”.

She listed the Citizens’ Mediation Centre (CMC); Directorate of Citizens’ Rights (DCR); Office of the Public Defenders (OPD); amongst others as the alternative dispute resolution channels for amicable resolution of disputes in the State.

Addressing the issue of misrepresentation, the Director explained the functions of each department and their limitations for better understanding of services each renders.

Oseni therefore urged the members of the public to visit the Citizens’ Mediation Centre close to their locations to have their disputes amicably resolved rather than subscribing to self-help.

“Our sub offices are spread across the Twenty Local Government Areas and Thirty-seven Local Council Development Areas of the State. You can also contact us on 08118161620 or access our services via our social media platforms:Facebook@lagosstatecmc; Instagram@lagosstatecmc; Twitter@lagosstatecmc”, she said.

It should be recalled that the International Day of Living together in peace is usually celebrated on every 16th Of May worldwide to advocate for peace.

Lagos CMC Advocates For Peaceful Co-Existence In The State
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