Lagos State Ministry of Justice

Committed to bringing justice to your doorstep

Administrator-General & Public Trustee(AG&PT)

Mr Olajide Oduyebo Esq



  • Professionalism;
  • Integrity;
  • Efficiency


  • The Office is charged with the statutory responsibility of managing and equitably sharing Assets of Estates of persons who died intestate (without leaving a Will).
  • The Administrator-General & Public Trustee may also act as Executors where it is made an executor to a Will.
  • Recover Assets of Estates and settle justified claims against the Estate of the deceased person.
  • Act as Receivers or Administrators during the pendency of the Suit so as to preserve the Estate from dissipation.
  • Facilitate and obtain Letters of Administration on behalf of Beneficiaries to enable them access the deceased person’s assets Banks, Employers and other Institutions.
  • Represent and defend Estates in Court.
  • Take over the management of Unrepresented Estates.
  • Keep accurate accounts of Estates and Trusts, and render same to Court where required.
  • Conduct of meetings and interviews with the beneficiaries of employees who died in service.
  • Verify and disburse death benefit to next-of-kin of staff who die in active service
  • Reseal Letters of Administration where the deceased has properties located outside the State and manage same in the interest of the beneficiaries.
  • Partition and issue Vesting Deed to beneficiaries
  • Exercise investment powers pursuant to the Trustee Investment Act.
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