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CMC Trains WAPA Staff On Mediation Practice

In furtherance of the commitment to enhance and facilitate Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR), advance knowledge and promote mediation practice, the Lagos State Citizens’ Mediation Centre (CMC) on Thursday trained some staffs from the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation (WAPA) in a bid to achieve amicable resolution of disputes.

Speaking to participants at the training held at the CMC headquarters in Ikeja, the Director for Citizens’ Mediation Center, Mrs. Abiola Oseni, explained that the training would enable the participants to acquire mediation skills needed in settling domestic violence, family disputes amongst others, adding that the training would also equip them with basic mediation proficiency.

“Mediation is appropriate only for parties who are willing to participate in the process. Like negotiation, mediation seeks a ‘win-win’ outcome for the parties involved”. Oseni added.

In her paper presentation titled “Mediation and Alternative Disputes Resolution Spectrum” the Deputy Director, CMC, Mrs. Olubunmi Adesomoju averred that a mediator is a driver of mediation who employs all relevant technical know-how and skills to help disputing parties achieve the resolution they desire.

According to her, these techniques will enable a mediator to find a common ground by identifying the problems, proffering solutions to avoid disparities between the parties involved after a resolution has been reached.

Mrs. Adesomoju further urged participants of the program, to pay rapt attention during the training sessions so as to have excellent knowledge of mediation and its applications.

“Mediation aims to assist participants to communicate with one another now and in the future and to reduce the scope or intensity of dispute arising from conflict. She stated.

She highlighted poor communication, self-interest, lack of compromise, desire for power amongst others as part of the major causes of conflict.

She therefore, urged mediators to thoroughly address the causes of the conflict and provide a long lasting solution to the problems for amicable resolution of disputes.

In the same vein, the Chief State Counsel, Mrs. Sade Ajiboye during her presentation titled Mediation and Domestic Violence stressed that through mediation, domestic violence can be avoided when a mediator handling the matter employs required techniques and skills.

She however reiterated that the issue of domestic violence needs to be taken seriously as parties involved need to be thoroughly counseled by showing them the aftermath of their actions and the adverse effects on the family.

CMC Trains WAPA Staff On Mediation Practice
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