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The attention of the Lagos State Ministry of Justice (Ministry) has been drawn to the above captioned malicious and false publication and the reaction to the said publication is as follows:

  1. The Ministry finds it disheartening to read about the post circulating on social media platforms that the welfare and well-being of State Counsel entrusted under the care of the Ministry is being neglected. Nothing can be further from the truth, as will show in this rebuttal. The Ministry puts the welfare and well-being of all its staff on the highest level of priority.
  1. Upon assumption of Office, one of the unresolved issues the Attorney General met on ground was the request by State Counsel in the Ministry to have their salaries and allowances harmonized with that of Magistrates in Lagos State. This clamour for re-instatement of special allowances to law Officers had been in existence from year 2000 and different administrations have made efforts to actualize the harmonized salary structure of State Counsel with that of the Magistrates.
  1. Upon assuming Office, the Attorney General met with State Counsel and submitted a memo to Mr. Governor (Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu) seeking revalidation of previous approvals for the harmonization of salaries and allowances of State Counsel. The Memo was approved by Mr. Governor in October 2021 and partial implementation of the harmonization of salaries and allowances commenced in November 2021, when State Counsel started receiving Security and Insurance Allowances.
  1. The only outstanding item in respect of the harmonization of State Counsel salaries and allowances with that of the Magistrates is the Responsibility Allowance and same has reached the final stages of implementation.
  1. In the past couple of years, Robe allowance of State Counsel was not only paid yearly but was in fact increased substantially by 500% based on representations and memo presented by the Attorney General to Mr. Governor.
  1. Apart from the above, other allowances are paid to State Counsel in their various departments depending on schedule of duties.
  1. On the issue of unpaid Litigation Allowance, unfortunately the payment is delayed due to administrative issues relating to CBN (Cash Re-Design) Policy which has nothing to do with the Offices of the Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice and Solicitor General & Permanent Secretary.
  1. Contrary to the unsubstantiated allegations in the write-up, there was no approval for payment of allowances to State Counsel during the NBA’s AGC. The only approval obtained related to funds paid directly to the NBA for sponsorship of the AGC and funds for holding a Lagos State Showcase session during the AGC. There was no item in the approval for payment of allowances to State Counsel who were sponsored to attend the Conference as falsely and maliciously alleged. It is therefore false to allege that the Attorney General refused to pay or release funds for the payment of allowances due to State Counsel who attended the Conference. 
  1. The accounting officer of the Ministry is the Solicitor General and Permanent Secretary. The Attorney General is not a signatory to any of the Ministry’s bank accounts. All issues relating to disbursement and release of funds are not within the control of the Attorney General.
  1. There has been no maladministration in the Ministry of Justice, rather the Ministry under the watch of the Attorney General has introduced innovations such as the Mentorship Scheme, the Secondment Program (whereby State Counsel are posted to private law offices for a period of between 2-3 months to enable them experience legal practice in the private sector); Counsel have continued to enjoy sponsorship to local and International Trainings and Conferences including the International Bar Association Conference; the District Prosecutor Scheme (State Counsel are posted to Magisterial districts to vet/filter charges filed by Police prosecutors); ensuring that all the Laws of Lagos State are available online in Law Pavilion, drafting of over23 Laws which have been passed and other pending Bills -including the Administration of Civil Justice Bill; creating the first Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency in the country, and other innovations which time and space will not permit to be stated herein.
  1. Neither the Ministry nor any of its senior officials was contacted for its reaction to the story. The faceless authors merely concocted and fabricated tales. 
  1. The allegations against the Office of the Solicitor General and Permanent Secretary (SGPS) is most unfortunate as she has been not only forthright but an emblem of support for the State Counsel in the Ministry. Since inception of this administration, the SGPS has consistently championed the cause, welfare and well-being of State Counsel. The insinuation that Counsel that were unfortunately lost in the Ministry was due to work related stress is not only a total falsehood but most disheartening, especially at a time when the leadership of the Ministry is yet to recover from the unfortunate incidents.
  1. The Ministry in carrying out its constitutional duties will continue to prioritize the welfare and well-being of all its staff in addition to rendering quality service to the government and people of Lagos State.
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